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  1. AgriBrexit Coalition Newsletter, Summer 2017

    Agri-Brexit Coalition Newsletter, Summer 2017

    • Seeking a fair trading position for UK agriculture across Europe and beyond
    • Delivering innovation
    • Raising productivity; delivering economic benefit
    • Creating practical solutions to policy and regulation
    • Helping to deliver a modern, resilient UK agriculture
  2. Agri-Brexit Coalition prepares to play its part for the future of UK food and farming

    With Article 50 now formally triggered by Prime Minister Theresa May, the Agri-Brexit Coalition looks forward to playing an active and informed role in helping Government achieve its objective of the best deal for the UK and the industry to meet opportunities and challenges.

    “With the combined knowledge brought by all our member organisations, we have one of the largest pools of expertise in farm research, implementation and trade marketing. What’s more we deliver that knowledge in practical ways to farms and agribusiness every day ,” said Coalition Coordinator David Caffall.  “Making that expertise available to government as negotiations progress will help us achieve that best deal outcome.”

    The Agri-Brexit Coalition, founded by eight organisations and trade associations involved in agribusiness, brings together the expertise of this particular sector of UK agriculture plc as negotiations on Brexit progress.